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We love kitesurfing. Ride with us.

Its OK to feel good things in your life. Primelines creates smooth lubricated lines. Protected lines feel amazing, tangle less and last longer.

Primelines is a product made honestly through innovation, trial and testing. We have created a maintenance product that encourages line inspection, protection and care. Safety in kiting is as relevant today as it was in 2000 when we began kiting. We hope you enjoy and share the good things in life. Primelines is one of these things.

wax protection for kite lines

Proven applicator

Clever design allows for application of coating to be mess free. Protecting has never been so easy. No messy hands.
kitesurf line protection

Trusted around the world

Whether its butter flat water, cross off perfection or cold freshies that get you excited Primelines will help power you through your toughest sessions.
  • Enjoy tangle free lines
  • Lines remain like new
  • No more hassle replacing line sets
  • One bottle coats 4 line sets (approx 400m)
  • Only $35NZD per bottle

Inside every bottle of Primelines

Inside every bottle of Primelines is a formulated coating. The formula was designed in an industrial laboratory and tested by kitesurfers. The key drivers in this process were ease of use, reliability and durability. Our test environments included kiting in waves, kiting inland lakes and snow kiting our local mountains.

Most damage to kite lines occurs from abrasion against launching and landing surfaces, and from line friction when lines rub against each other. Our coating formula reduces abrasion and friction, protecting your lines and ensuring they remain in great condition. If you want to know more get in touch.

Testimonials from excellent humans

Romann Chavannes

321 Kiteboarding - Florida

“Primelines Wax is more than a product it’s a necessity. There is real science in their formula, but the look on a customer's face is pure magic. They often think we put brand new lines on their tuned up bar. We have seen Primelines restore original color and condition. More importantly, it's an easy product to demonstrate that flies off the shelf.”

Mike Dibbs


“Really easy application and providing my well worn lines with some extra life.Good film coating, making them look like new allowing tangle free session and extra hours on the water. Highly recommend for those that want to protect their lines and get some extra use out of them.”

Grom McCutcheon

Professional Athlete

“This is great, you guys made an amazing product. I travel to Pacasmayo each year for a month where my lines get damaged from the rocks. Primelines protects against this. I recommend Primelines for all kiters. Easy to apply, lasts ages, less tangles and it protects.”

Fast Shipping (worldwide)

Your Primelines will be sent to you ASAP with an aim of 10-day-shipping (or less!) anywhere in the world.


Comes with a warranty against faulty manufacturing.

protection for kite lines

We welcome dealer enquiries. If you'd like to sell Primelines in your corner of the world, get in touch.